New Review: The Day of Becoming You (2021)

Publicity photo for the 2021 Chinese drama "The Day of Becoming You," showing Liang Jie (left) and Zhang Xin Cheng.

A romcom fantasy about an entertainment reporter and the leader of an idol group whose bodies get switched. Well written, often funny, sometimes self-ironic (“Doesn’t it feel like a scene in a Korean Drama?” asks one of the protagonist). The focus is on the leads Zhang Xin Cheng and Liang Jie (Hi Venus) who do a great acting job making the body swap visible by impersonating the other character.

Two negative aspects: First, the drama is framed by a meta plot that undermines the emotional impact of the story. So, for the first watch, I recommend eliminating the framing by starting episode 1 at 6:48 minutes and stopping at episode 26, 32:43 minutes. Second, the show has one of the most obnoxious product placements I’ve ever seen. If laughing it off doesn’t work for you, be prepared to skip, rather than be annoyed.

But these are minor points that only slightly detract from the overall excellence of the show. Another winner by screenwriter Wang Xiong Cheng who also penned Hi Venus. Highly recommended.

iQiyi. China. Written by Wang Xiong Cheng.