First, big thanks are due to my collaborator Topaz for volunteering to run dramaroma’s Twitter feed, @Kdramaroma.

Now about me (Teaprince):
In real life (whatever that is), I am a writer. Why writing? In one sentence: I love exploring new interests and communicating in different ways.

Translated that means: I don’t like to write about the same topic twice. And I like trying out different formats and media. Creating is the fun part, publishing is secondary. Some texts are published, some are not. Whatever.

I started out publishing a SF fanzine when I was 10 and a cringeworthy short story in the professional science fiction world when I was 15 – the editor either pitied me or was on such a tight deadline he was willing to publish almost anything. As soon as I realized how terrible that short story was, I kept most of my fictional writing to myself – or at least to a small circle of readers.

After that experience, I tried only once to write fiction for a bigger audience. I worked on a romantic comedy with a friend who actually had sold a script to Hollywood. That was great, having a writing partner for a change and tossing funny lines back and forth. Never laughed so much while writing. It was like hanging out and being creative at the same time. Perfect. And I learned a lot about plot, tone, dialogue and the crazy Hollywood business world. The script ended in the deep dark hole of “producer interest” and disappeared without a trace.

Somehow the non-fiction world is more appreciative of my efforts. So far,
I have written two non-fiction books with “real” publishers, one scholarly-philosophical, the other one a straight-forward biography for a wider audience. For a while now, I’ve been working with another writing partner on a non-fiction Ebook. Love the idea that the whole world can ignore it, not just the country where it’s published. It’s almost done. I keep saying that. For a year or so.

I discovered K-dramas only a few years ago and was lucky enough to be introduced into this Secret Garden by a Princess and a Fair Lady. OK, that was lame. My Princess was my first K-drama, which was so different that I was thoroughly intrigued. The next one was My Fair Lady, which I absolutely loved. And Secret Garden blew my mind. Hilarious, moving, inventive, and above all hugely entertaining.

At first, I could not believe how great K-dramas were – until I realized that by sheer luck I started with some really good ones. So I spent hours watching any romantic K-drama I could find. By now, I’ve watched more than 150 rom dramas (thankfully some only partially), about a quarter of them I would rate good or excellent. And I thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if other people would not have to waste their precious life time watching bad dramas? And so, this website was born.