New Review: My Unicorn Girl (2020)

Darren Chen and Chen Yao in a snowy scene in the Chinese television romcom My Unicorn Girl

Heart-fluttering moments in every episode and the extra-cuteness of the leads (Darren Chen, Chen Yao) make this romcom about a crossdressing girl playing on a male hockey team worthwhile to watch. A rare drama in which haircuts (esp FL boyish cut) double the cuteness factor.

The plot involving our leads employs many typical drama cliches (face blindness, accidental kisses, fated love, etc.) in an entertaining and generally well thought out way. Their romance often plays out on kindergarten level (boy annoys/teases girl, girl has no clue (or does she?), boy acts like that because he likes her) but all is forgotten when they gaze into each other’s eyes. Sigh!

Sadly, other aspects of the drama are a lot less fun: While the sports part is generally okay, the second and third leads vacillate between barely tolerable to completely irritating. If you skip most of their scenes, you’ll enjoy this piece of sweet, silly and simply adorable super-fluff a lot more.

Chinese. iQiyi. Written by Fan Kan and Fang Qiang Qiang.