New Review: Love Between Devil and Fairy (2022)

Esther Yu and Dylan Wang in Love Between Fairy and Devil Chinese Drama publicity image

A spectacular action-packed supernatural fantasy (xianxia) about the romance of a seemingly insignificant member of the Fairy tribe and the leader of its mortal enemy, the Lord of the Moon tribe. Esther Yu plays the sweet and bubbly fairy to perfection while Dylan Wang shines as the terrifying, emotionally dead anti-hero Moon supreme who can’t help himself from falling for the fairy. A captivating romance without a dull moment, easily switching between comedy, action, romance and melo.

Be warned, though, the mainly lighthearted tone of the first 20+ episodes changes later on. The last third has a good deal of angst, so sensitive viewers might want to skip from episode 26 to the end in their first watch to assure themselves of a happy ending. The ending, while happy, feels a little rushed — that’s probably why two short special episodes, mostly consisting of flashbacks, were added later.

A suspenseful story of forbidden love that is as exciting and addictive as it is visually stunning. Is this the most romantic drama of 2022?

iQiyi. China. Written by Cao Xiao Tian and Bai Jin Jin.

Esther Yu and Dylan Wang in "Love Between Fairy and Devil" Chinese xianxia drama publicity image