New Review: 18 Again (2020)

Korean Drama 18 again promo poster

An addictive drama about a middle-aged man (Yoon Sang Hyun, Secret Garden, My Fair Lady) whose body reverses back to how it was when he was 18. While it provides plenty of opportunities to laugh, this is not a straightforward comedy but rather a story about redemption: how the now younger-looking male lead (Lee Do Hyun) desperately tries to fix his mistakes as a husband and father by becoming friends with his children and a pillar of strength for his ex-wife (Kim Ha Neul).

Korean drama at its best: a fantasy premise, tight plot, superb actors, and a mix of comedy and melodrama that pulls on your heartstrings. Excellent.

JTBC. Written by Ahn Eun Bin, Choi Yi Ryool, Kim Do Yeon.