New Review: Once Again (2020)

Once Again Korean Drama promo poster

When you need some comfort food for the soul and that bowl of ramen just isn’t cutting it, this cozy family drama could be the answer. It’s a melodrama-free story about a family with three divorced children (and a fourth with a wedding disaster) who take 100 half-hour episodes to pair up again. Of course, there’s also a birth mystery.

Directed by Lee Jae Sang, it has a similar tone to his outstanding 2017 family drama Father is Strange but, unsurprisingly, doesn’t match its stellar quality – somehow the plot and characters in Once Again don’t draw you in as much. It’s one of those dramas that are fun and entertaining to watch once but not once again (sorry, couldn’t resist it!) Anyway, if you’re looking for a stress-free and pleasant family drama, this is a good choice.

KBS. Written by Yang Hee Seung and Ahn Ah Reum.