Rescue from oblivion: My Fair Lady

I’ve been rewatching some oldies but goodies, mainly just for fun but also to see if they still hold up.

The first one was My Fair Lady from 2009. It was one of the first dramas I watched. I know, I know – people almost always like their first K-dramas, no matter if they are any good. (We tend to be a quite emotional bunch, do we not?) In any case, I tried to be extra critical while I rewatched it. And when I was done, I still liked it a lot. So again, I’m completely baffled – why would this drama get so many low ratings? Maybe people measure all of Yoon Eun Hye’s dramas by the standard of cutting-edge Coffee Prince or melo-ed Princess Hours? I really don’t get it.

As a rom-com, My Fair Lady completely succeeds. Even the love-triangle didn’t bother me because I felt that both leading men were worthy to get the girl in the end (I really can’t stand love triangles in which one of the guys is a complete jerk and the heroine just doesn’t see it). And the mischievous ending is a cute touch. So, yes, after watching it the third time, I still think it’s a great rom-com. Here’s my revised review.