New Review: Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)

Korean actors Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh in a scene from Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-drama

This popular legal drama is owned by actress Park Eun Bin who plays talented Attorney Woo, a rookie lawyer on the autism spectrum working at a top law firm. It is an amazing, touching performance, based on a superbly written character. We witness her inner struggles about work, friends and family (and, later on, romance) and see the often socially awkward interactions from her perspective.

With a sweet love interest, a wide variety of colleagues, and hilarious friends, the show offers some of the most finely drawn characters in the dramaworld — plus a simply delightful romance. However, almost every episode deals with another new case and has an extended court room scene with Attorney Woo saving the day. If, like me, you find this type of repetitive plot structure tiresome, the drama’s unique charm just might win you over despite this issue.

Characters/writing: Excellent. Plot: okay.

ENA. Netflix. Written by Moon Ji Won.