New Review: From Now On, Showtime! (2022)

Photo of scene from the K-drama "From Now On, Showtime," starring Park Hae-Jin

A wild genre mix with an exceptional cast. It has all the stuff I usually don’t like in dramas, like ghosts, evil spirits, and serial killers, but to my surprise they are packaged in such a funny and charming show that they lose much of their scariness – and you can always skip a scene or two if they get to you.

Park Hae Jin (Far Away Love, My Love from the Star) plays a famous magician who is able to pull off the most amazing tricks – simply because he has three invisible ghosts working for him. Most of the plot deals with him partnering up with a female police officer (Jin Ki Joo) with whom he shares a complex past and a romantic present.

The banter between the magician, his house spirit and the ghostly crew is hilarious; the leads are gorgeous; and the touch of noble idiocy can easily be overlooked in a very satisfying ending. Excellent minus.

MBC/Viu. Written by Ha Yoon Ah.

A photo of Park Hae Jin hugging Jin Ki Joo, starring in the Korean Drama "From Now On, Showtime."
Jin Ki Joo (left) with Park Hae Jin, starring in From Now On, Showtime.