New Reviews: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018), Five Children (2016)

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young fluffing it up in pink
After ploughing through quite a few dramas that were only so-so, I finally came across two more that I liked, even after watching them twice:

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018) – A super fluffy, often hilarious office drama about an egocentric CEO (Park Seo Joon) who can’t understand why his trusted assistant (Park Min Young) wants to quit. Can there be a more pleasant form of existence than to work closely with him? Certainly not. So, what’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

Five Children (2016) – A well-done light family drama (54 episodes) focusing on the romance of two single parents who create a new big family with five kids. No melodramatic subplots!

Ahn Jae Wook and So Yoo Jin with their five drama children